De i dagsljuset försvinnande

If colonial dependency means national slavery and darkness, then the national independence should be – an era of the citizens freedom and light periods. Therefore Turkmen people were expecting: free electoral system, freedom of speech, and all other civil rights and thorough democratic changes, when the Soviet empire collapsed, and Turkmenistan declared its independence on 27th of October 1991. However, all this remained only a dream, and life itself transformed for millions of people into a real nightmare. Why did not the good expectations work out? Why did human rights, freedom of expression and press freedom deteriorated dramatically in the independent Turkmenistan?

How was it possible that during the independence period of time an extremely cruel bashistisk regime established itself in Turkmenistan? From where did the poisonous roots of the regime come? What role played Turkmen intelligence in this case, especially the creative part of the intelligent community, and the real representatives of intelligent society to the ruthless dictatorship was established in the former Soviet Republic?
In the book THE ONES VANISHING IN THE DAYLIGHT, based on actual materials, seeks to answer these questions.

Literary-publicist book In Turkmen

Språk: Turkmenska
Författare: Ak Welsapar
Sidantal: 257 sidor
ISBN 978-91-976305-5-9
Ca-pris: 100 SEK exkl. fraktavgift

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