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Вiчних сумнiвiв бiль

Вельсапар, Ак. Життєві обставини змусили туркменського поета Ак Вельсапара переселиться до віддаленої пiвнiчної країни. Але серце поета залишилось удома, й саме рiднiй землi, своєму народовi присвячує вiн свої твори.

Вiчних сумнiвiв бiль. Вiршi / Ак Вельсапар; пер. Бориса Чiпа, [ред. Володимир Шовкошитний]. – Київ, Український прiоритет, 2015. – 200с.

© Вельсапар Ак, 2015
© Видавництво
© «Український пріоритет», 2015
ISBN 978-966-2669-51-0

The Pain of Eternal Uncertainties. Poems
The Pain of Eternal Uncertainties, Poems. This collection reflected a poetic vision and the era and the fate of those who not long ago used to populate the “united and indivisible” country. Ak Welsapar, was awarded with Sergey Yesenin “Golden autumn” Orden for the lyricism of his poems. Ak Welsapar is a writer of literary fiction and a poet. He was born in 1956 in Turkmenistan. He completed his studies at the Faculty of Journalism of the Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov (1979) and the Higher Literature Courses of the Institute of Literature named after M. Gorkiy (1989). He began his literary activities in the late 1970s. The writer, who was persecuted in his homeland for his free thoughts, was elected an honorary member of the International PEN Club and granted a literature award from the International Human Rights Watch for his independent creativity in 1994. The writer has been living in Sweden since 1994 and has been a member of The Swedish Writers’ Union since 1996. A. Welsapar is the author of more than 20 books and his works have been published in a number of languages including Turkmen, Russian, English, French, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Mongolian, Belarus and a few languages in the former USSR.

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